The Falabella is a rare Argentine breed of Miniature Horse that has been kept pure by breeding only pure Falabellas to other pure Falabellas for countless generations. It is known as the first and original Miniature Horse breed, yet the miniature size is secondary to their pure heritage. It is a true purebred due to their unique and historic ancestry, which is one of its greatest attributes. The other is the fact that the Falabella name is known and recognized all over the world. Breed ancestry has been kept pure by the Falabella Farm and by small groups of dedicated breeders who want to preserve their precious heritage.  The Falabella is an exquisitely unique horse that has always been rare due to the limited number within its pure ancestry gene pool. Estimates indicate that only a few thousand Falabellas exist in the entire world.  The most desirable feature of the Falabella and its primary value is that of its rarity and pure Falabella ancestry.  Falabellas are very pretigious to own and are highy prized by those who have them.

​​Rocking Horse Ranch MO, LLC

Falabella Horses


Rocking Horse Ranch MO, LLC, has been breeding horses since 1995.  Currently, we are specilaizing in pure Falabella Horses.  We are located in Northwest Missouri in the country. Our location is easily accessible from I-35 and I-29.  We are currently building our herd to offer horses of different colors.  All of horses are DNA tested and 15-numbered microchipped to ensure their heritage.  Continue to check out our site for updates.


All of our horses are DNA tested and 15-numbered microchipped to ensure the highest quality horses for sale.

Breeding & Raising Falabella Horses