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Before purchasing any horses please read:

Rocking Horse Ranch MO, LLC, has been buying, selling and breeding horses since 1995.  I recently purchased three-horses from a breeder for my wife’s birthday surprise.  Arranging all the details without her finding was a challenge in itself.  I purchased the three-horses on July 17, 2017 and shipped on August 23, 2017.

I am offering my advice to all purchasers of horses from what I have learned in this situations that took from July 17, 2017 to February 26, 2018.  I have never in the 23-years, of selling and buying horses, seen anything like what I experienced in this transaction.

When I finally received the paperwork on the horse on September 27, 2017, I would have never believed the mess I received.

One of the horses had five-transfers and an expired certificate.  Another had four-transfers and an expired certificate.  And the last one came without being registered and one transfer.  For each of the three-registries AMHA, AMHR, and FMHA.  

When sending in the paperwork with all the payments and late charges more issues were discovered.  The unregistered mare was unable to be registered through FMHA and AMHA due to this breeder never completed her paperwork on her stud horse. 

Waiting for the breeder to get her paperwork completed took several months.  Finally, when I was informed the stud was officially registered. I tried to get my filly registered again.  I was informed could not proceed until there was a Stud Report filled on the breeder’s stud horse and mare. 

After I finally got the report signed and of course I had to pay the fees and penalties for not filed out on time.  I was able to get the filly registered.  Only took seven-months!!!

 My recommendations to ALL buyers is to get copies of the front and back of the registrations.   If the seller’s name is not listed as the owner of the horse DO NOT BUY the horse until seller’s paperwork is up-to-date.  Also, I would request a photo with the horse and measuring stick.  One of the horses I received was misrepresented on her height

I have gotten to know several of the staff members of AMHA, AMHR, and FMHA.  Luckily, they all were very supportive and helpful.  One informed me I hold the record for the most transfers on one horse turn in at one-time. 

What should have cost $180.00 for the three-transfers for the three-registries; ended up costing $1,325.00, for the transfers, registrations, late-fees and penalties.  The seller has stated she would send a check to cover some of the costs---have not received anything yet.  When questioned her about this situation she stated this is standard operating procedures for most breeders.  I have bought 15-Falabella horses and this was the only case.

There are good breeders out there, unfortunately, there are some who are not.   If breeder does not keep up with their paperwork, I would be concerned they do not keep up with wormings, vaccinations, and other healthcare.

Rocking Horse Ranch MO, LLC, sells all of horses with up-to-date paperwork, DNA tested, 15-numbered microchipped, and all vaccinations.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.  I will offer any advice and assistance I can.